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About Diddy Disco

Diddy Disco offers lots of Nursery Rhymes, Sing-along and Action Songs & Dancing to Doodah Songs & Pop Songs. I also use a video screen for showing cartoons upon arrival to relax the little ones and to keep all the little eyes occupied.

Each Diddy Disco session will begin very softly, with simple songs for all to join in with and as the session continues we will build up to a final few minutes of crazy dancing.


As Dave The Disco I have been successfully

providing kids party discos and entertainment

for a long time now in the local area.

As a father of 3 children I have experienced many

Toddler Activity Groups and some have been good

and others not so good.

In 2013 I decided that I would offer a variation to the

Toddler Activity Groups currently available locally, as

I got feedback from the parents that I met that these

groups were often too busy.

I decided not to copy but create my own style of entertainment for Toddlers to include Listening, Watching, Singing and of course Diddy Dancing. Anyone that has attended one of my DTD kids parties knows that I ensure everyone has a great time (including the grown ups).

Very Important
  • There will be NO SET RULES and the Adults can join in or just chat if they want to!
  • A parent or guardian must remain with any child bought along as we don’t offer any child care.

My 3 Children

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